About ME.

I’m Serena Goh (prn. gō).

Los Angeles born and raised, now living in New York City.  A photography enthusiast, shoe hoarder, prolific home cook, food explorer and altogether creative type.

THE SPICY STILETTO is a destination for those who share an affinity for fashion, good food and adventure. It’s a blend of my west coast meet east coast style, an accumulation of recipes from my urban kitchen and visual stories from my travels around the world.

I began this journey in 2010 while working a full-time job in technology finance. Over the years, the interwebs has taken me on quite the ride — introducing me to countless new faces and an abundance of experiences and opportunities. I’m so grateful for those of you who have followed along with me throughout the years and your continued support.

Welcome to all those new to here, please say hi — introduce yourself.

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